It's often confusing to come to the Craps table and hear a whirlwind of lingo around you. Here at Craps Rookie, we're committed to decoding the mysteries of Craps talk in our glossary.

Numbers Glossary

Every number has several nicknames, which often double as  the names of single-roll bets for that number. The most common nicknames are listed below.

Snake Eyes - 2

Ace-deuce - 3

Little Joe From Kokomo - 4

Stay alive - 5

Big Red - 7

Eighter from Decatur - 8

Jesse James - 9

A Woman's Best Friend - 10

Yo - 11

Midnight - 12


Craps Bets Glossary

  • Pass Line - wins if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 on the come-out roll, loses on 2, 3, and 12, establishes a point on other numbers
  • Don't Pass - mirrors the Pass Line bet but bets against the shooter
  • Come Bet - A virtual pass line that can be bet upon at any time other than the come out roll
  • Don't Come - mirrors the Come Bet
  • Single Roll Bets - High-paying bets on a number being rolled in the next throw. These bets live or die for one turn.
  • Multi-roll Bets -  Bets that a certain number is rolled before a seven is rolled, also known as an 'on demand point'


Other Craps Terms

  • Shooter - the person responsible for throwing the dice, will be replaced by another shooter once they seven out
  • Boxman - casino employee who takes care of the chips and pays out bets
  • Stickman - casino employee who handles the dice (with a stick) and calls out the throws.